My Position on DOT Reform & Road Funding


Several folks have questioned my vote for the roads bill claiming that I broke a promise made during my campaign or during an interview on WORD.  First, from the start of my campaign (please see my February 2016 FB post) and for the months leading up to the June primary, I was very clear that the number one issue I wanted to address was our state’s infrastructure.  Our mailings and posts repeatedly said that we must address our roads and bridges.

In this radio interview just a week before the roads bill vote, I stated multiple times that I would vote for a bill that included a gas tax increase if it included reform.


Radio ads during the campaign last year highlighted that one of the many differences between the incumbent’s and my thoughts on how we address the roads issue was coming up with sustainable funding.  In fact, on WORD just before the primary last June, one of the talk show hosts ended our interview by saying a vote for Talley is a vote for the gas tax.  I have stated numerous times that we need funding and reform.  I said this in my March 28 2017 FB post as well as on WORD on April 18, 2017.  I clearly stated that funding without reform, or reform without funding would not solve the problem.  I also said that the money from any increase must go to roads, and this money will be required to go to roads.  The tax offsets reduce the general fund – not the roads account.  I also ended that interview saying reform had to be included for me to support this bill.


The true extent of this reform – with accountability and transparency – has been misrepresented.  The Governor would now have more authority over the DOT commission than ever before.  This is because of  my amendment.  We also added transparency with required reporting of expenditures and vendors’ contracts so you can see how the money is being spent.  Other amendments that I supported making the DOT a Cabinet agency and doing away with the SIB failed – we have more work to do on that front.

I was elected to get things done, not to always say NO to progress in our State.  If we said NO this year, there would be no reform.  This reform of DOT commission is more substantial than any reform obtained in recent years by any other Senator, previous or now serving.  That is a fact.


I don’t mind people disagreeing with my stance or vote on an issue – but when you say that someone has lied, please back that up with facts.  The fact is that I did as I said I would do since February 2016 – work to pass a sustainable funding bill for our State’s future with reform, while ensuring the monies generated went for the purpose intended.  Anyone who says otherwise has not done their homework and is misinformed.

I will always keep my word and I will never mislead voters about my position on an issue. It’s an honor to serve Senate District 12, one that I don’t take lightly. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions, suggestions, or concerns.

Thank you,


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